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SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine

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Submit a database

If you have created a database that can be interesting or useful for other users as well, please submit it to the SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine to share your work with others! Your decision to share your work can save someone else's time, so as other people's decisions to share their work can save your time.

By submitting your database you declare that it does not violate generally accepted copyright principles. Note that it will usually take several days before your database appears in the Goldmine. We reserve the right not to post your database, as well as to withdraw any database already posted, without notification and/or any compensation. To submit your database, send us an e-mail, and include:

If you need help with getting your database from your Palm device, see FAQ: How can I get a database from my Palm device?

Thank you very much for your submission on behalf of all SuperMemo users.
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